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Let me help get you back to what you've been missing out on!


Whether it's dizziness, motion/visual sensitivity,

balance issues,

or pain and mobility issues...


I can help you get back to you!


ReSolve Dizziness

Vestibular Therapy  for treatment of:

dizziness and vertigo,

imbalance/unsteadiness, motion sensitivity/sickness,

and vision disturbance/sensitivity.


Symptoms may also involve:

neck pain and stiffness,    

tinnitus, ear pain/pressure, 

or headaches/migraines.

Want to feel better?

Let's get started!


ReGain Balance

Feeling unsteady or unstable?


Have you had a fall in the last year?


Is your balance worse in the dark?    on uneven ground?    when you stand or sit up quickly?


Do you tend to touch walls, furniture, or counters for stability as you walk around your home?


I can help you age gracefully, 

maintain your independence,

and prevent injuries and falls?    

Let me help you identify the cause of your problems!


Don't wait for a fall to happen!  



ReStore Pain-free Mobility


Do you have Pain?    Injuries?   Stiffness?   Post-surgical problems?    Headaches?


Is it affecting your everyday life 

or keeping you from what you love doing?

(Exercise/sports, sleep, work, hobbies, hiking, traveling, gardening, playing with grandkids)


I can help you with:

muscle/joint pain, injury, headaches, 

mobility restrictions, 

strength and joint limitations, 

postural changes/dysfunction, 

surgical recovery, and scar management.


Are you missing out on activities or events?


Maybe Myofascial Release is what you have been missing!


2018,  2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024

Best of Corvallis Award

for Physical Therapist

by Corvallis Award Program

DISCOVERY SESSIONS  (5-10 minute consultation by phone) are available free  for those who have questions or concerns they would like to discuss first.  

Are you also one of the many people with dizziness, motion sensitivity, tinnitus, and/or vision problems that have not found help and answers from typical healthcare encounters?


Do you feel unheard, isolated, home-bound, hopeless, or let down by healthcare so far?


If so, feel free to contact me (no obligation) about treatment options and other resources in the community to help you find answers and relief.



Help is out there--you just have to know where to look for it!


Contact me  and see how I can help if this message resonates with you, or Call Now.

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Physical Therapy​

Contact me to schedule an appointment

or free  Discovery Session. 

Have questions?      Just ask!

Why wait any longer

to feel better?

Jill Popowski, PT, MPT, CCVR

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Get in touch!



305 SW C Ave Ste 1

Corvallis, OR 97333



Phone:  (541) 223-6020

Fax:  (844) 774-9319




Monday:         9-5:30

Thursday:      9-5:30

Friday:             9-5:30



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