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ReGain Balance

 Aging Gracefully, Maintaining Independence, Feeling Good, Enjoying Life, and Preventing Falls....

That's what it's all about!

What is Balance?

1. Sensory Input

 By receptors in the Inner Ear, Eyes and Joints/Muscles

2. Central Processing

 In the Brain

3. Motor Output

Results in Strength, Coordination, Range of Motion, Reaction Time, and Posture

Balance Services Provided

Specific services tailored to your balance needs

Balance Screens and Assessments

Want to see if you are at increased risk for falling? Ask for a fall risk screen/consultation to see if you could benefit from further balance evaluation.

Customized Home/Gym Exercise Program

Get the most out of your workout by focusing your effort better!

Comprehensive In-Clinic Balance

Evaluation &Treatment Program 

Find out what your biggest balance impairments are and get individualized program to target these areas.

Recommendations for fall risk reduction and general healthful aging suggestions

Let me help you determine what increases YOUR fall risk and make suggestions to reduce that risk but keep you (or a loved one) as active as possible.




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Fill out the information requested to:

  • Schedule an appointment (telehealth or in clinic)
  • FREE  10" Discovery Session (consultation)
  • More information about my services
  • Explore treatment options
  • Get a referral to other community resources
  • Get additional resources on specific topics or diagnoses
  • Get information on my in-servicing to local assisted or independent living facilities
  • Information on my guest-lecturing on related topics to community groups
  • Information or interest in future balance workshops
  • Interest in future group balance exercise classes
  • Other requests/questions
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